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Kirsten G.

I took an 8hour course at AA driving academy and I learned some good tips on being a better driver which has helped since I took this class. The instructor kept the class interesting which made the class all more worthwhile. I've recommended this school to all my friends and family and anyone else looking to improve on there aggressive driving. After reading one of the comments I was surprised as all the instructors there seemed to speak English just fine. Very nice people and thanks AA for all your help!

William L.

I got a speeding ticket a few weeks back and I started calling all the local school who offered the driver improvement class. I spoke to a nice man on the phone who answered all my questions. The great thing which no other school had was availability and timings. I mean they had weeknight classes which no other school had and Saturday/Sunday classes. So I was able to make it to one of their weeknight classes and it really was a great class with lots of information. Completed the 8 hour class and got my certificate which helped me in court. Since it was my first offense I was able to get pardoned from the judge and just had to pay the fine. I definitely recommend this school for attending this class and for using the driving services.

Diane D.

My son attended AA Driving, when he was preparing for his driver’s license. They were priced reasonable and the instructor that was assigned, taught his students for real world driving. I saw a huge difference in my son's driving after attending this class. Thanks.

Robin A.

My 17 year old son signed up with AA Driving recently and was given 7 lessons of behind the wheel instructions from a very knowledgeable instructor. My son had no experience in driving before and after completing the lessons there was a huge improvement in his driving. I am very grateful for there help and would highly recommend there school to anyone.

Erin M.

I took the re-examination course and after failing my permit test at the DMV 3 times. The instructors were very helpful and gave me several practice tests to prepare me for retaking the exam. With their help I was able to pass on my first try. Thank you AA Driving Academy!

Mustafa Z.

I took some practice lessons of behind the wheel and got over my fears and became a much more confident driver once I got my license. Very good teacher and instructions.