Road Rage & Aggressive Driving

Road Rage and Aggressive Driving aren’t exactly the same thing but they’re both very dangerous and can cause great harm. In Virginia, Aggressive Driving is considered a list of aggressive behaviors that are a danger to other drivers while Road Rage is doing anything with the intent of physically harming another driver.

The most common causes for Road Rage and Aggressive Driving have been studied in depth. They are as follows:

  • Traffic – this makes people frustrated and angry
  • Running Late – this has the same effect as traffic
  • Anonymity – you’re likely to never see the guy you’re flipping off again
  • Disregard for others and the law – you’re just a jerk sometimes
  • Habitual Behavior – people who are always jerks

The most common cause, above all others, is traffic. We, in the Northern Virginia area, encounter more traffic than most other people. This means that we should probably be more attuned to avoiding aggressive driving and road rage behaviors. We aren’t, sadly. However, reading this is one step in the correct direction, so be mindful not to take two steps back at any point from now onward.

Actual Northern Virginia

Seminary Road Exit

There are easy ways to avoid Road Rage, the easiest being not to allow yourself to become a giant rage monster. Along with controlling yourself like a responsible human, you can avoid driving when you’re experiencing any sort of emotional trauma. It’s much harder to remain calm, collected and focused when you’re already in an uncontrolled state. If you can remember that everyone around you is also a human being and prone to mistakes, it makes them easier to forgive and it makes it far easier for you to remain calm. Not feeding the trolls is an important life lesson in general, but on the roadways it helps to keep others from turning into rage monsters. Don’t make an obscene gesture to the guy or gal, even if they really are asking for it, just ignore them. While the Karen haircut is a dead giveaway, there are deep-cover crazies out there.

Raging Karen’s should be avoided.

0 stars – Would Not Recommend

If you’re attacked by a raging Karen or Ken here is a list of things that you can do to make the encounter less dangerous and less likely to become deadly.

  • Do not make eye contact – A Karen/Ken see this as a direct challenge and will respond with ferocity. Seriously, it’s the same reason you don’t look an attacking animal in the eye.
  • Do not drive home – Never let a potential attacker, or even an annoying human, know where your home is.
  • Call 911 – This is one of the few times we will ever tell you to use your mobile phone while behind the wheel, when your life is being threatened by a Karen or a Ken.
  • Lock all of your doors and STAY INSIDE THE VEHICLE – If someone is trying to harm you, do everything you can to prevent it. This seems obvious but humans panic in these situations.
  • Try to pull over at a police or fire station – The authorities are best equipped to handle the Karen’s and Ken’s we encounter on the roadways. While we still haven’t invented the anti-Karen spray that the general public has been clamoring for, an authority figure is almost the same as a manager.

If you’ve gotten into some trouble with aggressive driving, please consider taking our Reckless/Aggressive Driving Course. These topics are also covered in the 8 Hour Driver Improvement Program if you’d like to learn more and get some of those sweet positive driving points.