Learner’s Permit For Teens

The First Step

In Virginia, everyone, even adults, have to start their driving career with a Learner’s Permit. It’s not optional.

For more information on obtaining a Learner’s Permit process & eligibility.

You also do not need to do Driver’s Education before you get it. This is where the confusion begins for most people. Driver’s Education can be taken BEFORE OR AFTER getting your Learner’s Permit. The only thing you need to study for the Learner’s Permit test is the DMV driver’s manual. Those are given out for free at all DMV locations, we’ll also give you one too. Here’s a handy PDF. You’re welcome.

Protip: A Learner’s Permit is not proof of completion of Driver’s Education. They’re literally two different things, completely unconnected. Sort of like how your Air Jordan shoes don’t actually make you good at basketball. The skills and the shoes aren’t really connected, they just sort of seem like they are.

The Learner’s Permit test can only be taken at the DMV and by appointment only, until further notice. Appointments are hard to come by, so we suggest you make one as soon as possible, even if you aren’t prepared to take the test for a month or so. You can make your appointment here.

Once you’ve made your appointment and passed the exam, you can take Driver’s Education (with us, of course). In the event that you do not pass the exam after THREE tries, you will be required by the DMV to take the Re-Examination course.



You can only take the Re-Exam course if you have failed three times. If you fail once and take the re-exam course and go back to the DMV to retake the Learner’s Permit, they will not recognize that paperwork. In fact, if you do fail three times and took Re-Exam after your first or second failure, DMV will make you take it again. It’s how the DMV punishes you for failure. You are on punishment for 8 hours, or 30 if you didn’t bother to take Driver’s Education in school. The DMV thinks you should have passed the test in the first 3 tries; because you didn’t take it seriously, they don’t take you seriously and will now treat you like a disobedient child. You are grounded, for 8 hours. You will be made to learn all of the road signs. You will review every question that can possibly appear on the test and we will force you to study it all. You also won’t be allowed to leave before the 8 hours are up, no matter how quickly you get through the work. We will find more for you to do.

Re-Examination Course (Fail Three Times)

That’s wasted money and time. Take it seriously, and study hard in those first three tries, friends.

After those three fails and the re-exam course, you will be given a certificate (DTS-C) that you must TAKE BACK to the DMV. Hopefully after the fourth try you won’t have to take it again, but if you don’t, you can retake the Learner’s Permit exam an unlimited amount of times.

You might have endless time during this pandemic, but no one wants to go to the DMV that many times.

Take your time and study!

Or we’ll seen you soon♥