Driver's license applicants, who fail the knowledge or behind-the-wheel examination three times at the DMV, will be required to complete the applicable knowledge or in-vehicle component of a driver education course, before they can take the examination a fourth time.

A) Persons failing the DMV road test, must take the behind-the-wheel component of driver education. 


B)  Persons failing the DMV knowledge test, must take the classroom component of driver education.

If you are age 19 or older, you may take 36-hours of Drivers Education Classroom  OR  elect for a new 8-hour Driver's Manual course.


  • Classes held in Herndon & Vienna locations only
  • Start any day (Classes are held 6 days a week, rolling enrollment)
  • Flexible weekday morning, weekday evening & weekend schedule, allows you to maximize hours and complete course in a accelerated format
  • Upon successful completion of either course, we will issue the Re-Examination Certificate (DTS-C)
  • Upon receipt of the DTS-C certificate, you may then return back to the DMV and take the examination a fourth time.
  • You will not be restricted on the number of attempts and will now instead have UNLIMITED retakes of the exam (knowledge or behind-the-wheel examination).

View the Herndon Class Schedule

View the Vienna Class Schedule



    Re-Examination Course (Failed 3 times at DMV)  


                       1043 Sterling Road, Suite # 101, Herndon, VA. 20170

Tel: (703) 478-6800


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